Monday, 19 September 2011

Test pictures from Block 3

A little out of order, but these are some of the pictures for 'colours', the theme for block three. Once of the set projects was to take three pictures the same, each with different camera stop settings. One 1/3 stop under exposed, another taken normally and the third 1/3 stop over exposed.

Post box in Winchester. Left to Right (1/3 stop under / Normal / 1/3 stop over exposed).

Pub frontage in Winchester. Left to Right (1/3 stop under / Normal / 1/3 stop over exposed).

Recycle/Garbage bin, Winchester. Left to Right (1/3 stop under / Normal / 1/3 stop over exposed).

Bananas. Still life shot. Left to Right (1/3 stop under / Normal / 1/3 stop over exposed).

Reflections. Braunton Burrows, Devon. Left to Right (1/3 stop under / Normal / 1/3 stop over exposed).

Flower. Part of the colour wheel tests. See previous blog (Assignment 3 pictures).

Flowers. Part of the colour wheel tests. Complementary Colours (Red/Green). See previous blog (Assignment 3 pictures).

Gate. Winchester. Part of the colour wheel tests. Similar Colours (Blue). See previous blog (Assignment 3 pictures).

Moon rising over the Cairn. Taken from front garden.

Silly shot. Taken on Woolacombe Beach, after walking there from home, along the coastal path. 9.5 miles on a very hot day.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Picture for Assignment 3

These are some of the photographs that have been submitted for assignment 3.

I found this assignment the most difficult so far. This was because the subject
matter was primarily based on colour. It was hard to find the correct balance/
shades of that worked with the course block. The hardest thing was fitting the
photography into my busy schedule; when I had a camera with me on a walk
or trip out, the weather was poor (lighting). I am sure that this is like the anglers
‘fish that got away’ argument, where the picture would always be better if the
light was stronger, sun was lower in the sky, etc., etc.

This assignment certainly stretched my observations of the things that I see
every day, but not necessarily notice.

I have tried to use the cropping of photographs to emphasise the subject
matter, in addition to trying to take the picture in better lighting conditions.

I also found it a struggle finding different subject matters. Because of
restrictions of my time I have had to use my own garden and the local RHS
garden for a lot of the shots.

Flowers in a pot. Violet/Yellow. This picture has an approximate 2/3 to 1/3 split.

This picture has a background that contrasts with each other (Red/Blue), with
the orange (ginger) of the cat breaking up the line between them. The splashes
of white emphasis the colours.

The photograph would be fairly bland with out the varying door colours of
the beach huts. The fact that the doors are random stops the sequence becoming
predictable. Red/Yellow, Blue/Yellow. The Green doors bring in close colours
with the blue. The evening grey light makes the hills and sand look dark,
emphasising the white of the huts and their colourful doors. The letterbox format
also emphasises the line of huts.

Similar colours of Blue/Green. The triangular form is not only eye pleasing,
but also brings you eye into the centre of the picture. The green is not a
wash, rather a mix of different shades, and stems all point in different directions
giving a busy background, but because of the depth of field used, being blurred
they highlight the flower even more.

Contrasting Colours. Violet/Green. The flower form (sphere) on the right is
pleasing. The Left one is implied, as it is obscured by the railings. There is
also a contrasting colour between the left violet flower and the Red ones
behind it.

This could be a contrast picture, where the red is the prominent colour,
and in fact the only colour, other than the brown and greys. Technically,
I suppose it is a complementary picture, in a similar style as an example
in the handbook. The background, being shades of grey make the orange/red
of the robin’s breast stand out more.

A busy shot showing contrasting colours. The wavy flow of blue draws
your eye up, or down, through the picture. From the bottom, the Red is
the first contrast, then the yellow, ending up at the top of the frame with
Red and yellow. There is a splash of green that contrasts with the orange

Where did the summer go?

It is quite some time that I have posted photographs here and updated the log. The third assignment on the course requires the use of a colour wheel and finding Complementary, Contrasting and Similar colours.

Complementary colours are the opposites on the wheel: Red/Green, Orange/Blue, Violet/Yellow.

Contrasting colours are those that are two away from the original colour: Red/Blue ir Red/Yellow.

Similar colours are those that are next to each other: Blue/Violet or Blue/Green.


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Some of the photo's used in Assignment 2 and some that didn't make it.

Various photos taken for Assignment 2.

Outdoor swimming pool on the esplanade at Penzance.

Rhubarb pot at RHS Rosemoor, Torrington, Mid-Devon.

Steps to the pulpit, Winchester Cathedral.

Implied Triangles.
Winchester Cathedral.

Distinct Pattern.
Ceiling of Winchester Cathedral.

Floor tiles. Winchester Cathedral.

Several points in a deliberate shape.
Still life.

Vertical and Horizontal lines.
This photograph was taken on the beach at Portsmouth. They are the remains of an old pier. The verticals are obvious (the upright wooden posts), but I like the more subtle horizontals in the form of the black line of seaweed, the top of the shingle bank, the line of holes on the posts and the dark/light contrast band on the posts themselves.

Vertical and Horizontal lines
Sty on the South West Coastal path. North Devon.

Telephone pole and cables, Penzance.

Carved wall in Winchester Cathedral.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Photos from my recent travels...

For the past six weeks I have been travelling around the South West and South of England on business and going to the rental house in Winchester.

Here are a selection of pictures.

Side walk way off the main high street in Penzance.
This was taken to test the camera in low / street light.

Sea. Penzace.
Love the peaks and movement in this photo.

The Pines at Pinehurst, North Devon.

Rosie, Exmoor.
Taken using the Fujifilm 'Chrome' setting. The colours are more saturated.
Very much like slide file.

Archway in the vegatable garden. Rosemoor, Torrington, Devon.
Taken for 'curves'.

Recycle bins. Back street in Penzance.
I just loved the Penguin. It makes that bin stand out from the rest.

I love the verticals and curves in the shot.
Also the crow/jackdaw on the top of the weather vane.

Outdoor swimming pool on the esplanade, Penzance.
Lots of shadows. Taken early evening. I love the reflections.

Birds gathering in the evening. Penzance harbour.
By the time the light had faded there were about 30 birds gathering here.

Gull. Sea wall railings, Penzance.
A noble gull poses for the camera.

Patterns on a wall. Penzance sea front.

Side of the Jubilee outdoor swimming pool, Penzance.
An unusual piece of architecture. The pool is filled naturally with sea water each day.

Railings. Back street. Winchester.
Grounds of the old St Petroc church yard. Winchester.
The church is now long gone, but the graves remain in the garden.

Flying buttraces. Winchester cathedral.

Winchester cathedral.

Graveyard, looking west. Winchester.
Taken to try out the 'Black and White' film option in the camera.

Town house. Winchester.

Railings. Winchester.

Flint and brick wall. Winchester.

Organ pipes. Winchester cathedral.
I have used a close up of the pipes for the 'implied triangle' photo for the assignment.

Top of the statue in the high street, Winchester.